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Here at  YouParcel Inc. we are continuously working on bringing game-changing tools and platforms for your e -commerce needs.


What Is ExperShip?

ExperShip is the platform of choice for world-class shipping and logistics. Our shipping APIs help brands, e-commerce platforms, 3PLs, and others save time and money on shipping.ExperShip offers the shipping tools you need.

Simply sync your integrations and let ExperShip do all the work. Our shipping APIs can help you through the entire order fulfillment and shipping management process, from shopping rates across multiple carriers to validating addresses around the world, printing labels in real-time, and track your shipments to their final destinations.

Our Approach

Our approach is data driven and is based on analyzing, planning and executing. YouParcel's main goal is to help clients nurture their businesses and make smart decisions based on specific goals and KPI's. We can help you understand the road to conversion and outline the strategy for a successful eCommerce business.

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Our Story

Our experienced team comes from different backgrounds but they have one thing in common: we believe in e-commerce. Our mission is bringing innovative automation solutions to our clients.

Next Steps...

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Crypto 128 enables the next step in the evolution of online trust by applying consent frameworks and codified rules of engagement to digital ecosystems.


Data leaks and hacks are now an almost daily occurrence. Shyft’s proactive security features are designed to detect and deter threats before the network is ever compromised through the bridge watcher system.


The Crypto 128 team is responsible for technical development of the network architecture, establishment of use cases for the network and for the 128 token, and guiding the vision for network growth and development.

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